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Technology innovation direction of pump industry: lightweight and modularization

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China Automotive Engineering Society chairman Fu Yuwu recently said that with the needs of energy-saving emission reduction, intelligent development, the automobile industry is bound to be subversive changes. Lightweight and modular is the future development trend of the automotive industry, advanced lightweight materials such as aluminum, composite materials, carbon fiber materials, etc. will be widely used in the automotive field. "2050 years ago, the electric drive is still unable to fully replace the internal combustion engine drive, during this period, pumps, oil pumps will also face the challenges of lightweight, modular development.
To lead the internal combustion engine industry, pump and oil pump industry trends, accurate grasp of the pump technology development trend is the basic skills. The development of pump technology, like the development of other industries, is driven by market demand. Today, in the environmental protection, electronics and other areas of high-tech development and the world's sustainable development of the huge demand arising from the background, including the pump industry, including many industries or areas have brought rapid technological change and development The
Energy saving and emission reduction requires technological innovation
With the continuous improvement of technology, pump products will be the direction of intelligent development, to pressure, flow, temperature and vibration parameters to monitor; to pump the shaft, bearing and sealing status assessment; to the cause of the failure For diagnosis and so on. Magnetic pump, diaphragm pump industry technology development will focus on the design of electronic control system, improve the drive and seek new materials and so on.
Theory and design methods of scientific is necessary. Therefore, we must strengthen the basic theory of pump research, pay attention to interdisciplinary, edge disciplines, new disciplines of mutual penetration. The theoretical research focuses on the measurement of pump internal flow, numerical simulation and performance prediction, numerical calculation of one-dimensional viscous flow, theory and application of multiphase flow, and diversification of pump design and design.
Production and manufacture of high-tech products is the fundamental guarantee of cheap. Through the use of advanced computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology, not only to ensure the quality of the product design, but also shorten the design cycle, greatly improving the product design capabilities, to achieve the optimization of the design to ensure product reliability. At the same time, the computer manufacturing integration system (CIMS) and the application of virtual technology, greatly reducing the pump product production cycle, to ensure the performance of the product.
Modular pump technology is an important trend in the development of pump technology. In the modular pump series, only a few parts can be used to form the entire pump series, which can reduce production costs, shorten delivery time, reduce spare parts and stockpiles, and personalized development requires products to gradually In the multi-species, small batch of the direction of development.
In recent years, the development and application of various new materials is an important factor in promoting the development of pump technology. Pump components use a variety of new materials, the benefits are mainly to extend the pump in corrosive media life and reliability, and expand the scope of use of the pump. At the same time, the surface treatment technology of coating technology and materials has become increasingly important in improving the flow characteristics and corrosion resistance of the pump, and has broad application prospects.
Traditional manufacturing and information technology
Into the information age today, pump designers have long been using computer technology to product development and design (such as the use of CAD), greatly improving the design of their own speed, shorten the product design cycle. In the production-based manufacturing, CNC technology CAM as the representative of the manufacturing technology has been deep into the pump production. However, from a few days ago the domestic situation, CNC technology CAM is mainly used in the production of bulk products. For single or small batch production, the current CAM technology has not yet generally implemented in the pump industry, single-piece production is still small batch of traditional production equipment.
As the market requires manufacturers to shorten the delivery period as much as possible, especially for special products (for users to produce products) supply cycle shortened, it is necessary to accelerate the use of pump manufacturers CAM technology and even computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS), flexible Manufacturing (FMC and FMS) from design to manufacturing molds, parts processing and other aspects of coordinated treatment to ensure that once the design is completed, the processing of product parts also tend to be completed over the same period to ensure shorten the production cycle.
At the same time, in addition to the use of computer graphics will also be in the computer on the carrier to achieve product strength analysis, reliability prediction and three-dimensional design, the original need to find and solve the production process problems, local structural problems and assembly Problems and other aspects of the production before the prevention, shorten the trial period of the product.
In the product diversification at the same time, the pump as a general product, the overall total is still huge. In the market, in addition to technical competition, the product price competition, especially the price of generic products is an inevitable trend of competition. In the trend of diversification of products, to achieve the competitive advantage of product prices, improve the standardization of product parts and components, to achieve the modular product parts is necessary. After the modularization of many components, through the combination of different modules or change the characteristics of individual parts to achieve product diversification. At the same time, only when the degree of standardization of parts and components can be based on the diversification of products based on the actual scale of the actual production of components to reduce the production cost of products and the formation of product price competitive advantage, but also in the product diversification On the basis of further shortening the product delivery cycle.
The inherent characteristics of the pump refers to the inherent characteristics of the product, including product performance, component quality, machine assembly quality, appearance quality, etc., or simply referred to as quality. At this point, is currently many pump manufacturers are concerned, but also efforts to improve, improve the aspects. In fact, we can find that there are many products in the factory testing to meet the use of units to run, often less than the factory factory inspection results, such as overload, noise increases, the use of less than the requirements, Aspects of the problem; and the pump in the actual operation of the operating point or operating characteristics, we call the pump's external characteristics or system characteristics.
Technical staff in the product design, in order to improve the efficiency of a product often spend a lot of effort; and pump operation if deviated from the design of the efficient point, the actual operation of the efficiency far more than one percent reduction. Now, the pump manufacturers at the same time supporting the user, including inverter, including control equipment and complete sets of equipment, in fact, has been involved in the pursuit of the external characteristics of the pump on the. On this basis, and then focus on the pump centralized control system to improve the efficiency of the pump and pump operation, it is in the pursuit of the external characteristics of the pump on a higher level.
From the sales point of view, the product is selling the inherent characteristics of the pump; and concerned about the external characteristics of the pump is not only the manufacturer to sell products, but also in the sales pump station (complete sets of projects). From the use point of view, a good product must be suitable for the environment of the product rather than factory inspection and identification of products.
As with the development of science and technology, at the present stage of science and technology in the field of interdisciplinary, increasingly rich edge, interdisciplinary joint research is very common thing, as the pump product technology development is also true. To shield pump, for example, to cancel the pump shaft seal problem, must start from the motor structure, only the pump itself is no way to achieve, to solve the problem of pump noise, in addition to solve the pump flow and vibration, The noise of the motor blades and the noise of the electromagnetic field; to improve the reliability of the submersible pump, must be added in the submersible motor such as leakage protection, overload protection and other measures to improve the efficiency of the pump, with the help of the use of control technology and so on. These are all to explain the level of development of pump technology, must be from the matching motor, control technology and other aspects at the same time, comprehensive consideration, to maximize the integration of mechanical and electrical integration level.
Over the past decade or so, the use of new materials and new processes is a major factor in the development of pump technology. Pump materials from cast iron to special metal alloys, from rubber products, ceramics and other typical non-metallic materials to engineering plastics, in the solution of the pump corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature and other environments have played a prominent role. While the use of new technology, but also better use of new materials to the pump parts and even the whole pump. Some foreign manufacturers have been designed and introduced all the use of engineering plastics made of pumps. Than with the general production of metal materials in the strength of the pump no less, in the corrosion resistance on the better. Another example is the use of new surface coating technology and surface treatment technology, the same can solve the pump corrosion and anti-wear problems. With the further development of new materials and the further use of new technology, the application in the field of pumps will be more extensive.