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Shanghai Jofee Pump Industry is a diaphragm pump manufacturer integrating development, production and sales. The company has a professional design and development team, and has established a complete system of production management, quality control, and market development. Increase the competitiveness of products through closer cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises, as well as continuous innovation in technology and management.

Pneumatic diaphragm pumps use compressed air as the power source, which can be self-primed, idling, and metered, with no shearing force and no leakage. It can be pumped and transported for various corrosive, particulate, high-viscosity, volatile, flammable, and highly toxic liquids. The MORAK series pneumatic diaphragm pump produced by Jofee adopts a new type of oriented air valve, which is efficient and stable, without lubrication, without dead spots, and has a head of up to 84 meters.

Diaphragm pumps are mainly used for the transportation and circulation of various media, and occupy an absolute leading position in the painting and ceramic industries. Applications are also being expanded in industries such as environmental protection, wastewater treatment, construction, sewage, and fine chemicals. It has applications in medical, chemistry, electronics, semiconductor, photovoltaic production and other fields.

Main purpose of diaphragm pump:
  • Coating industry: pumping various paints, gums, pigments, coatings, etc.
  • Adhesives and glues: All types can be pumped.
  • Ceramic industry: pumping all kinds of tiles, porcelain, bricks and pottery glaze.
  • Mining industry: After the oil well is drilled, sediment and grouting are pumped. Pumping water in mines, tunnels, tunnels, beneficiation and slag. Pump cement grouting and mortar.
  • Chemical industry: pumping various emulsions and fillers, various rubber slurries, various abrasives, corrosives, petroleum and slurries, cleaning grease and general containers, various highly toxic, flammable, volatile liquids, various strong acids and alkalis , Strong corrosive liquids, etc.
  • Environmental protection, wastewater treatment industry: pumping various sewage, supporting plate and frame filter presses.
  • Shipping industry: use pumps as tankers and barges to clear the warehouse and send the sewage in the warehouse.
  • Pumping various high temperature liquids can withstand up to 150℃
  • Food industry: pumping peanut butter, kimchi, mashed potatoes, small red sausage, apple jam, chocolate, flavor materials, etc., hops and baking powder slurry, syrup, syrup, etc.
The MORAK series pneumatic diaphragm pump has the following characteristics:
  • The valve ball is further processed by a special machine, which has high roundness and improves the sealing performance of the check valve.
  • The flow-through components adopt a four-bolt connection and sealing design, which is firm and has good sealing performance. The dry suction capacity of the pump can reach 4~7m.
  • Three-stage upper and lower cover, flexible and convenient installation, and can be adjusted to convey two media at the same time.
  • Strengthen the material strength and structural frame, and the flow parts of the pump are firm and durable.
  • The diaphragm is produced with imported materials, which has a longer service life.
  • Oriented air valve, high efficiency and stability, low air consumption, low daily use cost.
Jofee adheres to the concept of "Integrity•Innovation•Development", pursues technology and management innovation, and is committed to providing high-quality products and services to fully meet the needs of customers and the market. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to join hands in creating a national brand of diaphragm pumps!
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