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Company Culture

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Core Values: Customer praise and market recognition are our only value.

Core culture: Interpret humanity and business with quality.

Corporate Vision: To travel thousands of miles, leap to dreams!

Entrepreneurial spirit: pragmatic innovation, honesty in the world.

Enterprise purpose: Serve customers with mature technology and high-quality products, contribute to society, integrate employees' personal pursuits into the company, and develop themselves.

Brand positioning: To create energy-saving, environmentally friendly and cost-effective products for customers.

Business philosophy: Pursue excellent quality and create high-quality service. There is no off-season market, only off-season thinking.

Our team: passion, efficiency and friendship.

Talent concept: An enterprise is a stage for employees to pursue their dreams, and employees are the foundation of an enterprise.

The MORAK series pneumatic diaphragm pump has the following characteristics:


The valve ball is further processed with high roundness, which improves the sealing performance of the check valve.

The flow parts adopt four-bolt connection and sealing design, which is firm and has good sealing performance. The dry suction capacity of the pump can reach 4~7m.

Three-stage upper and lower cover, flexible and convenient installation, and can be adjusted to convey two media at the same time.

Strengthen the material strength and structural frame, and the flow parts of the pump are firm and durable.

Imported materials are selected for diaphragm production.

The oriented air valve has stable operation, low air consumption and low daily use cost. 


The company adheres to the concept of "Integrity•Innovation•Development", pursues technological and management innovation, and is committed to providing high-quality products and services to fully meet the needs of customers and the market. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to join hands in creating a national brand of diaphragm pumps!

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