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Asia 's largest petrochemical exhibition in Shanghai grand opening

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August 26, 2014, Asia's largest petrochemical exhibition ---- The 6th China (Shanghai) International Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe Shanghai Petrochemical Exhibition) in China • Shanghai New International Expo Center opened. The total area of ​​the exhibition reached 38,000 square meters, exhibitors exceeded 520. As a professional exhibition in the field of petrochemical, cippe Shanghai Petrochemical Exhibition once again for the industry presented petrochemical technology and equipment in the field of a feast.
The cippe Shanghai Petrochemical Exhibition in the number and quality of exhibitors to a new high. Domestic well-known exhibitors include: Germany Rhine, the United States diamond chain, Germany Beltz, the United Kingdom Peimu, the United States polymics, South Korea SENKO, Yantai Jerry, Sichuan Honghua, CNOOC Energy Development, Shanghai Changxing, Shandong Horse, Ruichang Petrochemical, on the instrument Beijing workers, good Lee valve industry, Jiangsu Daming metal, sea Nai Bo pump, Ningbo, China liquid machine, Bona energy, Keni vacuum, Beijing Aerospace Star, Shandong Taifeng cleaning, Nanjing Big state, Tianjin days easy ocean pipeline testing services.
Cippe as a leader in China's petroleum and petrochemical industry exhibition, strong buyer resources has always been a highlight of the exhibition highlights. According to pre-registration data show that the current cippe petrochemical exhibition site will usher in the top domestic and foreign procurement groups more than 80, the purchase amount of more than 2 billion yuan. International procurement agencies include: Shell, Exxon Mobil, Total, ConocoPhillips, Norwegian Petroleum, Petrobras, domestic, oil, oil, oil, Zhejiang oil, Shanghai Petrochemical, Gaoqiao Petrochemical, Zhenhai Refining & Great Wall Drilling, Bohai Drilling, CNOOC, Ocean Engineering Company, Wison Engineering, Qilu Petrochemical, Offshore Oil Engineering Company, Marine Oil and Gas Branch and other well-known enterprises will visit the group to visit the procurement.
International petrochemical equipment materials procurement forum and cippe procurement roundtable is the cippe petrochemical exhibition highlights the theme of the same period. Forum to "supply chain optimization and industrial upgrading" as the theme, around the petrochemical equipment procurement and process in-depth interpretation; Shanghai Secco, Germany Rhine, Shanghai Tongneng, Ruichang Petrochemical, Gaoqiao Petrochemical and other enterprises and more than 100 participants On behalf of the scene interaction, exchange of experience. At the same time, 2014LNG technology conference, from the US energy independence strategy to see China's energy security technology salon, digital manufacturing technology in the field of petrochemical equipment manufacturing salon and business organizations more than 30 technical exchanges will become the focus of this petrochemical exhibition focus The Cippe Shanghai Petrochemical Exhibition as Asia's largest petrochemical exhibition, the petrochemical industry's iconic exhibition, in the course of six years of development, and exhibitors witnessed the pace of growth of China's petrochemical industry.