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MK80 Plastic pump

侠飞泵特征: PP泵材质为PP-H,PP-H具有更强的耐腐蚀性,耐磨性,更好的抗低温高温性能,不易开裂。 阀球采用专用机进一步研磨加工,圆整度高,密封性能好。 精确计算膜片移动距离,降低膜片受力,具有更长的使用寿命。 四螺栓连接设计,密封性能好,实际干吸可达4-7米。 三段式上下盖,安装灵活方便。 一体式设计的膜片护块,具有优异的耐压,耐高温性能,广泛应用于压滤机行业。
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Features of Xiafei pump:
  • PP pump material is PP-H, PP-H has stronger corrosion resistance, wear resistance, better resistance to low temperature and high temperature, and is not easy to crack.
  • The valve ball is further ground and processed by a special machine, with high roundness and good sealing performance.
  • Accurately calculate the moving distance of the diaphragm, reduce the force of the diaphragm, and have a longer service life.
  • The four-bolt connection design has good sealing performance, and the actual dry suction can reach 4-7 meters.
  • Three-section upper and lower cover, flexible and convenient installation.
  • The integrated design of the diaphragm guard has excellent pressure resistance and high temperature resistance, and is widely used in the filter press industry.
  • The diaphragm connecting rod is made of wear-resistant stainless steel, which has better corrosion resistance and longer life.
  • Can provide PP intermediates, aluminum alloy intermediates and stainless steel intermediates.


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