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Application fields of pneumatic diaphragm pumps

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Pneumatic diaphragm pump in addition to features distinctive, also has the function and characteristics of self suction pump, shield pump, impurity pump, mud pump, submersible pump, and pneumatic diaphragm pump with explosion-proof product itself, so its application is very extensive.
Here are a brief list of the various applications of pneumatic diaphragm pumps:
Industrial and chemical production areas
Corrosive or acid base fluid delivery II. High viscosity or fluid transport with solid particles
Chemical and industrial production water system: poisonous and harmful fluid transportation
Environmental protection, sewage treatment field
Treatment of wastewater and discharge of stagnant water (II) sewage purification and seawater utilization
Building and building areas
Domestic water supply and pressurized water supply (domestic sewage and water discharge)
Municipal and engineering areas
Water diversion system and Drainage Project II. Water system and hydraulic project
Water discharge, sewage discharge, equipment cleaning, water purification and oxygenation
Urban water supply field
Sewage discharge and domestic water supply II. Water supply system
Constant pressure water supply for fire fighting
Farmland, irrigation works, irrigation and drainage fields
Farmland irrigation and drainage, water conservancy guidance, flood and drought drainage
Fresh water for aquaculture
Oil, marine
Drilling, water injection and oil production transportation II. Oil pumping and oil transportation
Sea water circulation and water supply for ships
Hydraulic power field
Water diversion project and sea water return Project II. Condensing water and circulating water in power plant
Boiler water supply, ash removal and other water supply systems